About Us


Since its inception in 1995, Medicotek has made tremendous advances in offering its products and services to customers and partners in the medical and healthcare industry. The overall standing and performance of the company articulates progress and organic growth within the industry as a TOTAL HEALTHCARE FACILITY provider which symbolizes strength and capability of the organization.
Combining the core business of Medical Distribution and Healthcare Project Development Division is a very unique feature and distinct advantage that we offer our customers. The One-Stop-Shop Approach of offering a complete package of specialized Medical Equipment, Supplies, Laboratory Devices and Hospital Services are significant milestones we have achieved through the years in satisfying and winning the continued support and patronage of our partners in general and the healthcare business community in particular.
In Medicotek, PARTNERSHIP is central to our Approach
Our CORE Values…..

Our reputation is paramount
We believe in the Individual
We succeed as a Team
We each take Ownership of what we DO
We innovate

We shall place high value on professional competence, business ethics and compliance to international standards to ensure that all phases of works are done with unequalled level of service, efficiency and quality.

A Total Healthcare Facility Development Specialist that is renowned for quality and innovation exclusively for healthcare industry in the Philippines and be recognized globally.